Come on lurkers, I am in dire need for some graphics admins to help revamp this roleplay! If you're interested, give me a shout in my ask box loves, xx.

Hello roleplay tag, it's Sabrina here and I'm interested in revamping this roleplay! I am searching for some co-admins and graphic admins, so feel free to check out the plot, apply and ask some questions! I'd love to see some apps, loves xx.

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Anonymous asked: Is Sky Felstead open? I saw a while ago someone was accepted as her and sent an account in but she's still on the open list...

No, she’s taken, sorry angel!

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Anonymous asked: Perhaps you should go on a female ban for a little bit? Until you get at least 1-2 male apps?

We will accept any male apps that come in straight away, but wait for a lot of female ones. Female bans restrict people, but we will take any female apps and wait a little, but accept males straight away.


I see lurkers on page! Hopefully going to drop an app in! Really need a least 1-2 male applications, cause we have only 1 right now!

Anonymous asked: when will be your next acceptance date? or are you planning to reach certain number of apps in order to accept?

I would like at least 5 before the next acceptance! If people apply asap, we can accept quicker! I’ll ask Admin S so we can reach a good conclusion!


If someone applied as a graphic co-admin, we could release more bios! All we need is someone who can do character graphics please!

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Anonymous asked: i think you should choose the roomates. it would be quicker like that and maybe new friendships will be made.

I think that sounds a good idea, but we will need more people first to do that! Hopefully when we get up to 15-20 people, we can!


Eating Monster munch. Is that something you only get in Britain? I don’t know…Apply!